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Corbin Sparrow #068

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- Onboard battery charger
- Three-wheeled vehicle registers, insures and parks as a motorcycle
- 1350 lbs. curb weight, 72 inch wheel base, 57 inches height
- 70+ mph top speed, 20-60 mile range
- 100% Electric (not a gasoline hybrid)
- Double A-Arm front suspension
- Single sided swing arm rear suspension
- Cog-belt drive
- Three-wheel disc brakes
- Spring over hydraulic shocks
- 14 inch five spoke wheels
Safety Features:
- Single passenger, spherical body design (like a motorcycle helmet)
- Layered composite construction, low center of gravity
- Three point shoulder safety harness / Automotive safety glass
- Emergency parking brake / Inertia switch / Emergency Power Off button
- Hazard warning lights / LED dashboard indicators / Safety head restraint
- Curb side driver door / door lock
Creature Comforts:
- Power windows, AM/FM stereo & CD
- Two power ports for laptop & cell phone
- Heater/Defroster
- Fan operated vents
- 6 cf Trunk storage
- Adjustable seat
- Tilt steering wheel
- Rack & Pinion steering
- 13 sealed VRLA AGM (valve regulated lead acid absorbed glass mat) batteries - will accommodate 4 different battery sizes
- Battery life - 1-4 years depending on adherence to recommendations
- Onboard high frequency battery charger (110V system)
- Total battery pack weight: 598 lbs
- 7.5-8.0 kilowatt hours (kWh) calculated as follows:
45 amp hours x 156 volts (thirteen 12-volt batteries) = 7020 wats divided by 1000 watts per kilowatt = 7.02 kilowatts
- 110-volt system charges in 6 hours
- 220-volt system charges in 2.5 hours
- Brush DC motor continuous "E" rating
- 25 hp (20 kW) continuous, 40 hp peak

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